Archive | July 2012


It is summer here in the Tobacco Valley. Today the forecast is for temperatures in the high 80s with lots of sun. After weeks of rain, everyone is happy about this and the valley is verdant. We celebrated the 4th of July yesterday without much fear of starting grass fires. Quilting has stopped for the summer. We finished up in May with a rummage sale. The Historical Village is open now as a museum for the summer. Tourists and locals wander in and out of the old buildings, stop by the museum to chat with the volunteer and perhaps buy a souvenir.. Children play on the lawns. The Tobacco River rushes by after all the rain we had. Fortunately we aren’t worried about flooding this year.

It seems it would make sense for me to post a photo of this idyllic scene. Instead I came across a photo that a friend took in the early spring. It looked so delightfully cool (to a person who doesn’t like hot weather) that I decided to post that instead. In fact, coming across that photo pushed me to make another entry in the blog today. It reminded me of winter and quilting, of sitting with the other women in the old school house on Fridays. It reminded me of Joan bringing her thermos of coffee to share and Carmen bringing muffins. It reminded me of all the colors that we stitch together. The colors in the quilts tickle the senses compared to the snow and gray skies of winter. Now we are all caught up with summer visitors and tending gardens. We won’t start quilting again until after Labor Day.