Soup and quilts

What could be cozier on a Montana winter’s night than thoughts of delicious hot, steaming soup and a quilt composed of hearts? The quilters are taking their culinary skills into the Tobacco Valley Senior Center this Tuesday for the weekly Community Soup Night. We will be serving a baked potato soup and a beef tortilla soup along with salad, bread and dessert. Hope you stop on by.

The fall has gone quickly. We are in a rush to get the current quilt rolled in small enough on the frame that there will be room for the holiday bazaar. The Historical Village bazaar items are my favorites – handmade baby quilts and crocheted mittens and hats, embroidered pillow cases and towels…just holding these items in your hand gives you a sense of the care and good feelings that went into making them. We also recently unveiled our raffle quilt for this year. It’s a floral beauty! I remember when we quilted it last spring. I wish you could see the back – always the best kept secret of a quilt – to see the many hearts stitched in. The raffle quilt will be on display at the bazaar. That happens on December 1 from 9:00 – 4:00. Maybe you can come to that as well!

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About tvh56

I mostly live in Eureka, Montana and write two blogs. One is for the Tobacco Valley Board of History, a group composed of the most remarkable older women who quilt weekly to raise funds to maintain the Historical Village. I had to capture their stories with words and photos. And when I began a traveling bookstore as a small business, well, it only made sense to write about that too.

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