quiltingjanWe started on a new quilt. Its a beauty and different than most we have worked on recently as its asymmetrical. Not the dimensions of the quilt but the pattern on it which seems to be an unusual feature.  Its going to be enjoyable to decide where to sew as between the colors we will have to fit in different size designs. Its not often that once we decide on the quilting design that there is any creativity. Mostly we just continue with the set pattern over and over again.  But this particular quilt was laid out so there are not standard distances between the colored parts – some are close together, others farther apart.  Even though we just began it, I am already looking forward to how it will turn out.

For some reason working on this quilt made me think about habits.  Habits seem related to symmetry. They add a set pattern to our lives.  We can be on auto-pilot to brush our teeth, get dressed in the morning, make coffee, go to work or the grocery store. And then there are those moments in life when we are forced to actually think about what we are doing, make decisions about how to do something, be creative, find a different pattern or even work without any pattern at all. Sometimes this can be enjoyable for instance when we are on vacation and find ourselves in a new place. Or it might be uncomfortable when some change in our life disrupts an old pattern and we need to find a new one.  I suppose there are people who live without any patterns – but I don’t think I’ve met them.  Just as there are people whose lives seems to be a continuous pattern, perhaps those who are part of a monastic order. Most of us probably fit somewhere in between. Personally I enjoy occasional bouts of asymmetry, to think about what I am doing and why.  To look around, ponder the existing patterns and decide where to add new designs.


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About tvh56

I mostly live in Eureka, Montana and write two blogs. One is for the Tobacco Valley Board of History, a group composed of the most remarkable older women who quilt weekly to raise funds to maintain the Historical Village. I had to capture their stories with words and photos. And when I began a traveling bookstore as a small business, well, it only made sense to write about that too.

4 responses to “Asymmetry”

  1. nancy dahl says :

    What a nice thoughtful blog! I appreciate your comments about quilting and all the meanings it can bring to mind.
    Nancy Dahl

    • tvh56 says :

      Thanks for your comments, Nancy. When I began quilting with these women, I felt there had to be some testimony to who they were and what they did. This is the only idea I could come up with .

      • Nancy Dahl says :

        Well, I think it was a great idea. How many women work on these quilts? Are they mostly long time residents? Nancy Dahl

        On Fri, Feb 28, 2014 at 8:49 AM, Tobacco Valley History blog wrote:

        > tvh56 commented: “Thanks for your comments, Nancy. When I began > quilting with these women, I felt there had to be some testimony to who > they were and what they did. This is the only idea I could come up with . > Rita”

      • tvh56 says :

        Some weeks there are six and sometimes up to a dozen. Often we have two frames up at one time so it is easy to fit any number around.

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