And yes it is spring

cabinquiltThings are moving quickly towards the end of the quilting season and the beginning of summer. We finished up the beautiful log cabin quilt that Cathryn had pieced. We even tied another quilt. And by this last Saturday which was Rendezvous and the Board of History Book Sale – there was nary a quilt in sight except the lovely one we are raffling off. People came into the old school house out of the rain to buy used books (and to warm up). Those of us working mostly sat around talking and occasionally making the piles of books for sale look more tidy.  Darris Flanagan came by with copies of his new book about Trego.  We’ve all been waiting to get a copy as we heard from Joan it might just be the best of all the books Darris has written so far.

For me, I was basking in the wonder of these women who seem to get things done at such an amazing rate.  Lynda was sorting out all kinds of Village paperwork before taking off to visit family for a few weeks.  Cathryn made posters to advertise our Rummage Sale on May 16th. Bev is putting the ad in the paper about the sale.  Cathy keeps the money we take in from events and donations sorted out. Having just returned from a trip, I was appreciative of all they give as volunteers to the Historical Village and how much they accomplish in a day. While traveling recently I had spoken with some people in their 60s and 70s who seemed to think their best years were behind them and that sitting in front of a television was enough activity for them on any given day.  So it was an important reminder to me that there is always something in us left to give, that each of us can certainly find a way we can personally enhance our community, and that if we put our mind to it – we can improve with age.  Aging doesn’t necessarily make us better but it can if we try.  And with these women as my models, I am definitely going to try.

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About tvh56

I mostly live in Eureka, Montana and write two blogs. One is for the Tobacco Valley Board of History, a group composed of the most remarkable older women who quilt weekly to raise funds to maintain the Historical Village. I had to capture their stories with words and photos. And when I began a traveling bookstore as a small business, well, it only made sense to write about that too.

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