Archive | December 2015

Quilting all over

Imagine my surprise during a recent trip to Korea to discover there is actually enthusiasm there for styles of quilting that are imagetraditionally American. The fabrics, the hues, even many of the styles are ones I see often at the Historical Village.   A gracious host I was staying with took me to one of her favorite quilt shops.  The women working on their projects showed me what they were doing. The shop owner brought out some incredibly beautiful work that she had made. I shared photos of the quilters at the Historical Village and the quilts we had worked on. The Korean women were amazed at the size of the quilts we did.  They tend to do smaller pieces that are easier to work on in tight quarters or take home to work on in the evening. It was a delightful afternoon as I admired their lovely work (how I envied those small stitches) and told them about the Eureka Montana Quilt Show.  Perhaps one of these days they will come visit. Or perhaps our quilters can do an exchange program to Korea.  The wonders of shared interests that overcome language barriers.