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Edging past midWinter

We are working on two lovely quilts which both take a fair amount of concentration.  They are both good size as well so we will be sewing on them for some weeks.  But I can tell by the light that comes through the schoolhouse windows that we are past the darkest days of this winter and we will probably be shifting into spring when we finish these two up.  IMG_1330Sometimes visitors ask about the prices of our quilts because, of course, who wouldn’t want to own one of these beauties.  Last week Renata encouraged me though to get the word out that besides the hand quilted ones that we sew, we also tie quilts that are extremely affordable and cozy as well. The three pictured here are made from flannel so especially warm for those chilly nights.  And the prices which are based on the quilt’s size range from $75 – $125.  One of our more experienced quilters, usually Cathryn, pieces them and then the quilt is put on a frame so that we can all help tie. Needless to say, the photo doesn’t do them justice so you really want to stop by the schoolhouse on a Friday to touch them.  There are some Fridays when I am particularly tired from the week and feel tempted to cover up with one in a corner for a nap. But as the other quilters don’t see this as a possibility, I just have another cup of Joan’s coffee and keep quilting.

Recently I started writing about these quilters for a longer article and it surprised me how much can  be said. Not only about the wonder of these particular women because they are each quite special, but about the hand quilting process itself and how it reflects so much what is needed in our communities.  Reading the news with countless descriptions of physical violence and sharp words, the reality of these women sitting together helping to solve problems, offering gentle advice and support to each other while creating a beautiful quilt that will be used for years to come brings solace. I hope that the rhythm of their stitches and the focus brought by the group working around the frame on something useful and comforting can help balance the woes that lay heavy on our world.



Start something new

I like this photograph of Cathryn showing Nikki how to quilt. A few weeks back, we were finishing up the quilt that belonged to Nikki and before it was absolutely imagedone, she stopped by to do a bit of sewing on it herself. The moment was perfect and the sunlight on the quilt helped to capture the magic of Cathryn passing on the tradition. It seems ideal as we begin the new year to think of new things that we each can learn. Bev is mastering her smart phone. Renata explained how to do ice dying. Mary Louise is bravely taking on a major renovation to her house. I set 2016 as a year I am seriously going to focus on improving my writing.

Nikki’s quilt is finished now so we began a new one. Bonnie pieced it and as always, it’s lovely. We are still discussing how it will be quilted but I have no doubt the final decision will be a good one.  In the meantime, we have some items from the bazaar that we are selling and raffle tickets for the floral quilt to those visitors who stop by the old school house. You might think the cold temperatures and snow drifts would deter them, but nope. People still come in to see what we are working on, perhaps pick up a few belated gifts and catch up on news.  I could surely relax into the calm pace of our Friday quilting but inspired by the other older quilters, I am determined to improve this year.