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Quilt talk

IMG_1854You might think that quilting is a quiet process, that the individuals sewing sit around the frame focused on their stitches and don’t have much to say. If you have been reading this blog for any length of time though, you know that isn’t the case for this group at the Historical Village. There is always a lot that gets talked about.

I missed some weeks and so it is something of a surprise to walk in on a Friday morning and see how much has been accomplished. Judy’s quilt with the lovely flower design had just been put on the frame the last time I was there and now they are rolling it as the sewing around the edges has been completed. Even rolling it started a conversation about the quilt, about the choice of pattern for the quilting, about the fabric, about how long it will take us to finish it.

That discussion subsides, the quilt is rolled in a few inches, and we are all sitting around the two frames again. We talk about Lynda’s recent birthday and how she celebrated, Mary Louise’s house renovation which is nearly done and my trip to visit a brother in Florida.  We discuss the book sale we will have during the Rendezvous celebration and the rummage sale in May.  Renata asks if anyone knows a good electrician.  Joan needs a small easel for her daughter and Mary Louise happens to have an extra one.  Bev brought a bag of seashells for me as I am making an outfit for the Trash2Flash fundraiser at the Creative Arts Center.  Conversations swell and ebb.  There are times when at least three different conversations are happening simultaneously and times when there is silence.  Molly, Lynda’s black Lab, stretches out on the floor in the sun beside the quilt. The afternoon eases on. The women sew.