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Roll that quilt one more time

Quickly now we count the days left before quilting ends for the summer.  This next IMG_4095Friday we prepare for Rendezvous and our book sale on April 30th.  Then we have a few more weeks before we have to tidy up the old schoolhouse in preparation for the second graders annual visit.  On May 20th we have a rummage sale which is the official end of quilting for this winter.  Lynda encourages all of us to quilt faster.  On the quilt that is nearly finished, as many women as can squeeze in to work.  Dianne in her methodical way figures out that each corner design takes one hour to sew and that means we have sixteen hours left but if there are six women sewing….this is where my high school algebra might come in handy.

There is Lynda urging us to sew faster in her calm but insistent way.  And then there are the tourists coming in to distract us. With the lovely spring weather, we leave the door open to catch the sweet smelling breezes.  Visitors to the Historical Village are drawn to the open door and, of course, once inside want to talk with us and ask questions and this requires at least one of us to stop sewing to answer. I am not entirely sure how this could be factored into the equation.  I know we thought we would finish the quilt this week and now it will be at least another week before we can take it off the frame. Despite our sense of urgency, there is still a lot of laughter intermingled with conversations.  Mary Louise pricked her finger and we needed to hunt for duct tape as she thought that would be the best way to protect the wound and not slow down her sewing. Cathryn wondered how many countries would be on the list if we compiled one of all the places the quilters individually had visited.  I sat back in my chair (and stopped sewing) to think about this but Lynda said we should think about it later.