And now it is summer

The Historical Village is open for visitors.  Tourists wander through the buildings. Children play on the swings.  Couples sit in the shade at picnic tables talking.  kathy (2)Occasionally in the mornings, deer graze on the lawn.  The Tobacco River has a sensible flow near by.  You can hear teenagers shouting as they wade in at Riverside Park.  It is summer and that is for sure. The quilters are busy doing other things at the moment so aren’t meeting on Fridays.  The quilting frames are put away for the season.

We still think about the Village when we meet up by chance at the farmers market or run into each other at the museum. The list of things to do seems never ending: repair caboose roof, fix some slats on Baney House, trim some trees which have gotten out of control.  There is the list which Lynda tries to parcel out to various volunteers. And there is the cost of these repairs and upkeep.  So we are in the planning stage of our annual Dinner on the Lake.  An utterly delicious four-course meal served with wine at the perfect location on Dickey Lake. Live classical music will accompany the meal.  It really is the ideal way to spend a summer’s evening.  This year’s event is August 13th.  Tickets go quickly as there are only forty spaces available.  Call Carol for tickets at 406-889-3427 to get yours soon.  What a delightful way to support the Historical Village.

About tvh56

I mostly live in Eureka, Montana and write two blogs. One is for the Tobacco Valley Board of History, a group composed of the most remarkable older women who quilt weekly to raise funds to maintain the Historical Village. I had to capture their stories with words and photos. And when I began a traveling bookstore as a small business, well, it only made sense to write about that too.

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